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The Obudsman on EU/Turkey deal

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Partenariat UE/OIM

L’UE et l’Organisation internationale pour les migrations (OIM) viennent de lancer une initiative pour la protection des migrants le long des routes migratoires de Méditerranée centrale et leur réinsertion en Afrique. Le fonds fiduciaire pour l’Afrique de la UE, l’Allemagne, l’Italie et l’OIM ont lancé un projet pour aider les pays africains à faire face aux besoins urgents de protection …

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British leadership dearth in the wake of Brexit vote

It’s a move that many feared but few truly believed would happen – on 23rd June, the UK voted by 51.9% in favour of leaving the EU. As the UK and the remaining EU Member States try to get their heads around the result, European leaders have sought to reassure EU citizens that Brexit will not have a negative effect …

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Brexit referendum set for 23rd June

“This morning I have just chaired a meeting of the Cabinet in which I updated them on the special status we have secured for Britain. And the Cabinet agreed that the Government’s position will be to recommend that Britain remains in a reformed European Union. […] I will go to Parliament and propose that the British people decide our future …

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French Aviation State Aid Approved

The European Commission has finally endorsed three state aid schemes for the French aviation sector. These schemes involve the three main types of aid subject to the new Guidelines on state aid to airports and airlines approved by the Commission in February 2014, which is to say investment aid and operating aid to airports and start-up aid for new routes. …

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UK Election: What’s Next?

To the shock of many, and in stark contrast to the opinion polls published in the lead up to the UK parliamentary general elections of 7th May, the Conservative party has secured a majority for the next five years, thus confirming David Cameron’s return as Prime Minister.  The political landscape has changed dramatically: in comparison with 2010, the Scottish National …

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