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The EU has 23 official languages

The General Court of the European Union has recently annulled three EU competition notices which required the candidates to choose English, French or German as their second language and as the language of communication with EPSO, the European Union recruitment office. In December 2012 and January 2013, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) had published three open competition notices which …

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The VW affair

The European Commission calls for full disclosure, zero tolerance and strict compliance with EU rules on pollutant emissions. In the wake of revelations that car manufacturer Volkswagen used a “defeat device” software to circumvent emissions standards for certain air pollutants, the Commission calls on national authorities to look into the implications for vehicles sold in Europe and ensure that EU …

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USA et Russie : Un tiers des touristes non UE

Dans l’Union européenne le tourisme semble être avant tout une affaire intérieure. Près de 90% des nuitées touristiques dans l’UE sont le fait de résidents des États membres, ce qui signifie que les touristes des pays tiers ne représentent qu’environ 10% du total. Et lorsqu’ils sont en voyage, les résidents de l’UE passent près de 85% de leurs nuitées au …

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Facing up the refugee crisis

The State of the Union speech, foreseen in the Framework Agreement which governs relations between the European Parliament and the European Commission, is given annually by the President of the European Commission. Its dual aim is to reflect on recent progress in the EU and look ahead to priorities for upcoming years. Moreover, it is the first step in the …

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